Why Hire A Professional to Maintain Your WordPress Website

September 15, 2017 in WordPress

WordPress releases a updates every couple of months. Each update fixes bugs and security issues while adding new functionality. Each WordPress update also bring code changes and can leave your site broken, insecure or exploitable.

Maintaining WordPress Correctly is Time Consuming

In an era where time is money, maintaining your WordPress website most likely is not your top priority. Heck, It may not be a priority at all. Maintaining WordPress correctly takes time. Contrary to the impression that the WordPress CMS gives, the easy updates often open the door to complacency.

WordPress has done a decent job improving how a user maintains but in doing so, small businesses and other business using WordPress lose touch in the reality of a WordPress site that is not properly maintained. With each, there should be a backup before as well as complete backup of your database.

Professionals Are Up to Date with WordPress and Plugins

Updating WordPress and plugins is great but with each new update there is file changes happening. Code changes can open your site to new exploits. A professional will take the time to research each plugin and or core WordPress update before updating.

Plugin are independent from WordPress and are not maintained by the WordPress core development team. Each time WordPress updates, the core code changes and can leave plugins breaking your site. WordPress without plugins is rarely possible so having a professional that can handle these issues is a bonus.

Improvement to Your Sites SEO

The internet changes all the time. Updating your site’s content is almost just as important. Have you ever clicked on a link and it went to a 404 error? Search engines like Google, scan your site’s content on a regular basis and when they see broken links, your SEO score drops.

Having a professional maintain your site will ensure that 404 links are updated as needed. This will ensure your SEO score is the highest it can be.

Security Monitoring & Protection

When it comes to WordPress, security can not be taken lightly. Seriously, we can not say this loud enough. Security is so important and to be sure your site is secure you need to know what to look for. More than likely a WordPress professional will know where to look for malware, hacks and other malicious code. Most professionals can do this easily, whereas a normal person will miss security issues. According, to Sucuri, the majority of hacked WordPress sites are from failed attempts to monitor and protect the site.

WordPress Costs More to Repair

Dash10 Digital offers a WordPress maintenance server that we call “WordPress Care”. Our WordPress Care Plan starts at $39.00/mo and would deduct you $468.00 a year. This service will create backups, do monthly updates and restore in the event that there is an issue.

In the event that your site is not being maintained, it could cost you 1k+ to have your site repaired.