Introducing User Wallet Credit System Pro for WooCommerce

November 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

You may have seen our free version of User Wallet Credit System on The plugin gives users the ability to load funds into a virtual account and then use the funds to make real purchases. The free version of the plugin is pretty simple and seems to be enough for a lot of people. We have been approached daily about adding more robust features to the plugin. This is why we created User Wallet Credit System Pro.

Pro Features
  • Users can load a custom amount to their fund
  • Better control over text and labels
  • Support and Updates.
Show custom deposit option using shortcode

In the free version of the plugin, users are only able to load a set amount into their account. In the Pro version, we give you the ability to allow you users to load a custom amount while still maintaining the functionality of the free version.

[uwcs_dynamic_deposit_template button_text="Confirm Amount" description="Describe what the user is doing" default_amount="27.00"]

You can use the shortcode anywhere on your site to show a custom deposit form where user decide how much they want to deposit.