A brand new update for Complete Central Backup for WordPress

April 11, 2018 in General

Today we have launch a new shiny update to Complete Central Backup. This plugin for WordPress was long forgotten about but heavily used by thousands of people to create backups for WordPress.

So what did we fix? Well, a lot of things.

  • The plugin was updated to be PHP7 compatible. There was short tags in the code which would throw errors on strict environments.
  • The downloader was updated to be more secure. The downloader was broken due to WP updates over the years. Our professional developers fixed this issue and the downloads are even faster.
  • Code refactoring for better, faster and cleaner code.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with latest WordPress updates.

There was other updates made but we will not bore you with them. The plugin is ready to go and ready to help you create backups of your WordPress site for export.

You can download the plugin for free at https://wordpress.org/plugins/complete-central-backup/.