6 Things you can do or stop doing to improve your social media as a small business

March 4, 2020 in General

This is by far one of the most brought up questions when talking with clients about online presence. There is a notion that simply having a social media presence and boosting posts is sufficient. It is also mentioned a lot that it is time-consuming to think about what you what your business to post. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In this post, I will explain 6 things that you can do or stop doing as a business to up your game on social media. I also have a bonus tip for those that stick around until the end.

6 – Join community pages and interact as your business page

Most people join community pages using their personal profile and it is a mistake. Interacting as a business in a community group is great for exposure, trust-building for your brand, and a great way to get involved.

Engage by commenting and helping others understand something that you know about. Create engaging posts in community pages that do not revolve around you running a deal or making money. Simply by showing involvement, you will gain respect, exposure, and ultimately more business.

5 – Be unique and genuine with your posts

Readers are ultimately your potential customers and your posts should revolve around this idea. When you attract new followers you want your content to be something that they browse. With this said, customers like to see you and your business and not just some promotion or a random picture of something.

You should be posting about your community and current events. Examples of this would be fundraisers, events, sports teams you sponsor, and good deeds your involved in are awesome ways to show engagement in an area that your readers can relate to.

4 – Use Facebook Live

If you are not using Facebook Live for your business, you are missing out. People love to be in the know and this is your way to give that to them. Use live features to put a personable touch on your business. It may seem weird at first but I promise you, it the feeling will pass and business will grow.

3 – Create content that provokes thought or emotion

I do not mean that you should be posting controversial topics. You could simply start by asking a question. The reader will have to stop and think. Most readers answer in their heads. Use this tactic in your posts from time to time to provoke thought.

The trend right now is to create an image with predefined answers. The posts will ask a question and tell the readers to engage by selecting an emoji based on their answers. This is an incredible way to gain more exposure in the timeline of the readers.

2 – Do not post too much or to little

Posting too often or not enough will hurt you just the same. If you post to often, your content tends to be blah. If you post too little, your content tends to be vague. Finding the right frequency for your business is important. Posting once a week is about the minimum I would suggest for a typical business.

If you have more content to post and you want to get it out there, Facebook has the scheduler option. Use it! It helps get content out but regulates the posts so you can post 3 times in the morning and readers see 3 posts throughout the day or week.

1 – STO STOP STOP Spamming Community Pages

This is by far the worst thing you can do as a business on social media. Typically, this type of blast posting in communities starts out with good intentions but quickly turns into a negative campaign due to the lack of understanding of how marketing works.

Do not go to every community page and post/share the same content over and over. This is a sure-fire way to get booted, blocked, and marked as spam by not only the readers but Facebook.

You will lose viewers, posting privileges, and credibility in your community.


Post your content on your website and then share it to social media. This is what the industry calls “inbound marketing” and it works every time!

Have you ever tried to go back and find something on Facebook after you have seen it and you can’t find it? Yea…… So as every other person. This goes to prove that content is mostly seen once and then lost forever whereas your content on your website can be found every time. Your business will gain local SEO rankings and you will start to show up higher in search results on Google, Bing and other search engines.